EN: Severodonetsk - a year under occupation

Pagrindinis EN: Severodonetsk - a year under occupation
Since 2014, when Luhansk remained under occupation, the city of Severodonetsk became the centre of the oblast. Even before the large-scale Russian invasion, the region was in constant need of support. The areas were regularly shelled and the population's life was difficult. In cooperation with other Lithuanian organisations, Lithuanian Caritas has continuously supported the region, and in 2019 the Secretary General of Lithuanian Caritas, Deimantė Bukeikaitė, visited the region and presented the support. The war has worsened the situation in one of the poorest areas in Ukraine.
Due to the specificities of the region and the difficult logistics, the population and soldiers received very little aid. When the siege was imminent, efforts were made to evacuate as many people as possible. Nevertheless, a large number of people remained who, for various reasons, refused to leave their homes.
In occupied Severodonetsk, the situation is also catastrophic because of the lack of medicines. Many people suffering from chronic or acute illnesses do not receive any assistance.
Many of the places that used to receive aid from Lithuania no longer exist. Schools, hospitals and orphanages have been destroyed. Lithuanian Caritas, which has been sending donations until the occupation of Severodonetsk, when Lithuanian people donated food, hygiene products and medicines, continues to help the people of the Luhansk region.
The city administration, which has relocated to Dnipro, is working hard both to deliver essential goods to the inhabitants of the occupied zones (although this is extremely difficult) and to ensure decent living conditions for the displaced residents of Luhansk region. Humanitarian aid centres are being set up in various towns, hospitals and other institutions are being relocated. Preparations for the liberation of the county are being made on the basis of the Kherson experience. The region will then need even more help, so let us not stop helping!
Donations can be made to a special Lithuanian Caritas account:
Recipient: Lietuvos Caritas
Recipient's bank: "Swedbank", AB
Account: LT2573000115125026
Payment purpose: Support for the people of Ukraine.
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