EN: Mostyska - giving birth in spite of war

Pagrindinis EN: Mostyska - giving birth in spite of war
Against the backdrop of war, a new generation of Ukrainian children is brought into the world. As many as 900 babies a day on average are born in limbo. The war is severely hampering access to health care throughout the country, especially in areas of active conflict, putting the health of many pregnant women and newborns at risk. The chaos of war poses a serious threat to expectant mothers and future children. Premature births are often the result of constant stress and fear.
At the beginning of the war, many expectant mothers became mothers in basements or bunkers. Now women give birth in overcrowded hospitals, far from their families or in countries hosting refugees from Ukraine.
Karitas Mostyska's "Baby" project is a huge help and support for pregnant women and their newborns. It serves women who face challenges during pregnancy and childbirth.
"Today, the first 18 kits with essential hygiene, healthcare and baby items have found new owners. We continue to activate the Baby project to reach out and support even more of Ukraine's youngest citizens and their mothers," the Caritans are happy.
In addition to health care and material support, emotional support is crucial for young families. Even the happiest life events - like the arrival of a new life - are a challenge for families. Karitas Mostyska helps young parents to feel understood and supported, even in times of war.
"We are extremely grateful to our friends and partners for their support," says Caritans. 
We can do our part to support children and their parents in the face of war. With the hope that children who see the reality of war will one day grow up in a free country.
Donations can be made to a special Lithuanian Caritas account:
Recipient: Lietuvos Caritas
Recipient's bank: "Swedbank", AB
Account: LT2573000115125026
Payment purpose: Support for the people of Ukraine.
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