EN: Odesa - daily life in the face of war

Pagrindinis EN: Odesa - daily life in the face of war
One year and three months into the war, the people of Ukraine are living through it - some have fled their country in search of refuge, and others have been left behind to live in the daily routine of war. Thanks to the goodwill of the people of Lithuania, Caritas is providing assistance to refugees in our country and to the civilians who remain in Ukraine.

Ten Ukrainian towns have received aid from Lithuania, with the help of local Caritas and other partners. One of these cities is Odessa. "We are sincerely grateful to all those who send humanitarian kits to Ukraine, as our colleagues from Lithuanian Caritas do. Our volunteers have sorted a lot of aid to further form the kits and hand them over to the evacuees. Thank you for your help!! ".
Odesa is still under attack from Russian rockets. Help for the people of this city has been and still is needed.
Tatiana's story is a small part of the everyday life of Ukrainians in the war:
Tatyana and her family were evacuated south from Kherson. In Odesa, the family rents an apartment and spends all their financial social assistance on it. It is a big family - parents, school-age children, and Tatyana's disabled mother. The woman cannot find a job because she has to take care of her mother, who has a mental illness and needs constant care and medication. The financial support is only enough for basic survival needs, while the necessary supplies for her mother's care are scarce. The family plans to continue live in Odesa because, as they say, "there is nothing left of Kherson..."
Donations can be made to a special Lithuanian Caritas account:
Recipient: Lietuvos Caritas
Recipient's bank: "Swedbank", AB
Account: LT2573000115125026
Payment purpose: Support for the people of Ukraine.
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