EN: Mykolayiv - water can be a help too

Pagrindinis EN: Mykolayiv - water can be a help too
Mykolayiv is a Ukrainian town less than 100 km from Russian-occupied Kherson. It is a town where rocket fire is a common occurrence. As a result, one of the main challenges is the severely damaged water supply system. It is hard to imagine how the population is suffering without drinking water. Water is a basic need for human survival and perhaps too rarely is it something we think about in our normal daily lives. Drinking water is also a support for the people of Ukraine.
Caritas Mykolaiv is delighted that a shipment has reached them:
"Thank you to our partners Caritas-Volin and Lithuanian Caritas Vladimir Kmetu for their help!
Oil, cereals, flour, sugar, quick breakfasts, chocolate, sweets, hygiene products, washing powder and water - all of this is very much needed by the people of Mykolaiv and the district."
And it seems so unusual to give thanks for water too...
Donations can be made to a special Lithuanian Caritas account:
Recipient: Lietuvos Caritas
Recipient's bank: "Swedbank", AB
Account: LT2573000115125026
Payment purpose: Support for the people of Ukraine.
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